1、Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS)

◆ SVC in industry distribution system
◆  Large capacity SVC for power system
◆ New reactive power compensation device (STATCOM)
◆ Dynamic Voltage Recovery (DVR)


2、Middle-voltage Motor Drive Series
◆ 6kV, 10kV MV frequency conversion device (MVC)
◆ MV Starter Based on Discrete Variable Frequency (VFS)
◆ 660V-1140V Special Frequency converter Series
◆ 1.6MW×6 model high-speed railway electrical locomotive
◆ 2MW-class wind turbine generating unit grid-connected AC device
◆ Coal mine safety automation series
◆ Automatic gas security monitoring and discharge system (RGM)


3、Academic References

1. TCR + FC Non-impact Operation Method of SVC
2. A Design Method for High Voltage Large Capacity Variable Frequency Drive with IGCT
3. Application of Third-class HV Variable Frequency Starter of Xinyuan Mine Main Fans
4.Automatic Positioning System of Heat Pipe cooler 
5. Heat Pipe Technology Application and Development
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