Laboratory Introduction

RXPE owns one of the strongest R & D team and the advanced power electronics test base, consists of power electronics laboratory, wind power design and research institute, international cooperative R & D Center, with the domestic largest 66KV/10000kVA high-voltage substation, SVC High-voltage Full-load Test Center and high-voltage frequency conversion Full-load Test Center, all of these facilities can meet inspection needs of test process from the system simulator (RTDS) to full-load running, also be able to take the most complex cutting-edge test in the power electronics field.

1、Main Test Project:
◇ AC voltage test, AC - DC voltage test
◇ Lightning impulse machine test, operational impact test
◇ Non-periodic trigger test
◇ Periodic trigger and extinguishing test, over-current test, the minimum AC voltage test, temperature-rising test
◇ Electromagnetic interference
◇ Delivery Test
◇ EMC capacity test
◇ Power system dynamic simulation experiment + RTDS real-time digital simulation system
◇ Options Test: over-current test, the instantaneous forward voltage test of recovery period

2、Research Team:
RXPE own a high quality R & D team, the experts come from all over the country and organized by the master's degree, Ph.D., post-doctoral. Most of them are graduated from Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University, Beijing Jiaotong University, North China Electric Power University, and other famous technical university.
3、Talent Exchange:
◆ RXPE bring in experts from CIS and Europe all year round, directly involve in technologies development, and also with lots of well-known domestic and international universities jointly build laboratories.
◆ In 2008, RXPE was approved as the unit who can set national workstation for post-doctoral research by the National Ministry of Personnel.
4、Technical Cooperation:
RXPE-Tsinghua University Electromechanical Integration Technology Center
RXPE-International Electrical and Electronic Research Center
RXPE-Beijing Jiaotong University Electric Traction Education Department Engineering Research Center