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RXPE 35kV Hundred-MVA Rating Chained STATCOM Put Into Operation


Published time :2013-06-13


The project based on the research task “Development of MV&HV, Hundred-MVA Chained and Multi-level Converter and Static Var Compensator” supported by Science and Technology Ministry of PRC “11th Five-year Plan”, after nearly four years of efforts by the responsible unit of RongXin Power Electronics Co. LTD., China Southern Power Grid & Tsinghua University, has successfully developed the 35kV direct-connect chain-STATCOM system with compensation range of +320 to -320 MVA. Since October 2010, STATCOM has been put into operation as the first stage in the 500 kV Dongguan Substation of China Southern Grid. After all kinds of site tests, it was officially put into use in 2011.