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First SVG of Liaoning Grid put into operation in Chaoyang


Published time :2011-07-01



June 21th, 8:05, the first dynamic reactive compensation device- static var generator (SVG) of Liaoning Grid, successfully put into operation in Chaoyang, this SVG has features of better compensation effect, strong ability of resistance low voltage, less running loss, etc, it is the new generation of intelligence reactive compensation device.
This SVG is manufactured by Rongxin power electronics Co., Ltd, install in Chaoyang Power Company Lingyuan power supply branch Daoerdeng substation. This project is key technology project of 2010 Liaoning Grid, the main purpose is solve the problems of 66 kV Lingcheng line loss, ending users' low voltage of rural grid. SVG track system reactive power change, regulate the reactive power output, improve and maintain the lines' end voltage and supply required reactive power to power lines.

The Daoerdeng substation locates at the ending of 66 kV Lingcheng line, it is the most remote, rural power substation. After SVG putting into operation, the voltage of Daoerdeng area improve from 58.2kV to 63.9 kV, loss of 66 kV Lingcheng line is  largely reduce, significantly enhance the economic and social benefits.