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Rongxin Power Electronic Co., Ltd, one of the listed companies in China, is mainly engaged in medium-voltage power electronic equipments, products include medium-voltage power grid reactive power compensator, harmonics filters, series compensator, variable frequency converter, inverter.
RXPE’s products are widely used in power system,metallurgy, coal mining, nonferrous metals, electric railway,new energy, petrochemical, aerospace, shipping and relevant areas,business range includes E.U countries like Germany, Italy, Turkey; Asian countries like China, India, Viet Nam, Thailand,African countries like Nigeria; and South American countries like Brazil.
RXPE has passed the Germany TUV certification, European Union CE-LVD certification, Switzerland SGS ISO9001, ISO14001、OHSAS18001 and other international certificates, products are in full compliance with international standards.
RXPE owns one of the top R & D team and the advanced power electronics test/manufacture bases,  total construction area are over 80000㎡, including 66kV/16000kVA medium-voltage substation, medium-voltage frequency converter Full-load Test Center. with the innovative research capacity and multidisciplinary team from EU  and China, RXPE has possessed nearly 40 patents, 10 software copyrights and formulated two national standards.
RXPE will always commit itself to promote sustainable development of society and improve clients performance with its leading technologies and services.