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Green Company

This is the century of China's strength and global responsibility can not be separated. RXPE start from industry features, focusing on promoting the development of the industry, doing great contribution to global affairs, such as new energy development, environmental protection and other public undertakings.

RXPE consider that: the enterprise responsibility of environment and social is based on long-term concern about harmonious relationships between human and nature, enterprises and society. The environmental responsibility is not just the responsibility and cost, also means the market opportunity and future business value, thus, the responsibility is also competition force.

RXPE will actively evaluate enterprise environment, implement obligations of environmental information disclosure, and strive to become a resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprises. RXPE will set an example in the following areas:

Adopting innovative strategies invest in new energy and environmental protection related industries, promote development of solar, wind energy and other alternative energy; coordinate the business partners in industrial chain to act together, encourage employees to live carbon-neutral, participate the views exchanges of international business responsibility, pass moral values of the Chinese enterprises as global citizens ... ...
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