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Beijing Xinlizhuzheng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Beijing Xinlizhuzheng New Energy Technology Ltd. is a high-tech company which is holding by RXPE and engaged in the development of new energy technologies. It focused on new energy technologies, system integration, environmental cleaning equipments, energy saving equipments, and so on. Products including: TRT systems; gas recovery (OG) system; low-temperature power generation system by waste heat, and other new energy systems.

Company with strong technology strength, provides widely selection of different designs and services to the user targeted. Scope of business includes process of sintering, continuous casting and rolling of steel; automation devices design, system integration and EPC; design and manufacture of high-tech integration equipment; new style industrial IT system; and so on.

The scope of company’s business includes: metallurgy, building materials, environmental protection, energy, petrochemicals, machinery, electric power, light industry, and urban construction.

Energy-saving & environmental protection new technologies include :

1)TRT System

2)The BOF dedusting and gas recovery system

3)Low-temperature power generation system by waste heat