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Available Jobs:Electric Power Industry Sales Engineer
Job TitleElectric Power Industry Sales Engineer Recruiting Department
Published Date2009-09-29 Amount
Location Academic requirements
Work Experience  
  1. Responsible for the promotion of products in the power industry, developing customers and the customer relationship maintenance;

2. Responsible for power industry projects following up, organization of internal resources, technical support based on customers’ requirements;

3.Responsible for product sales, pricing and signing sale contract; supervising implementation of the sales contracts;

4. Formulate and maintain customers’ documents.


1. deep understanding of grid operation principles and knowledge are preference;
2. have relatives in the power sector (at all levels of Grid Corporation of China, all levels of Electric Power Design Institute, etc.) are preference; 

3. bachelor degree or above, have a deep understanding of marketing; 

4. have a strong logical thinking and common sense, with great communication ability, strong interpersonal skills, integrity, maturity, self-confidence; 

5. have full of passion for work, team spirit, strong resource integration ability, excellent organization, coordination, expand capacity; 

6. work seriously.

If you are interested in this position, please send resume to aszp@rxpe.net