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International leading technology, breakthroughs in extra large current

The existing mechanical circuit breaker due to their own physical structure, making breaking capacity hard to improved, and extended the off-time of the separation of dynamic and static contact. It is difficult to meet the requirements of modern power system.

RXPE extra large current solid-state switch is developed on new principle and technology has great advantages such as high pressure resistant, extra large current, high surging resistant, rapid breakover, large shut down current, short shut down time and non electric arc. Stable operation and long service life make it can be widely used in power system to realize fast, accurate and flexible control of structure network, meanwhile, it can cut any short-circuit current over 60kA in 10-20ms, overcome the difficulty of existing breaker cannot shut down extra large current in short time, fill the industry blank. RXPE extra large current solid-state switch is one of perfect high power switch organ.

RXPE extra large current solid-state switch is widely used in 10kV~35kV distribution line,replace abundant existing mechanical breaker, improve grid automation level, ensure electric power system safety, also adopt in independence electric power system (vessel, offshore drilling platform)and other industrial enterprises, it is important guarantee of startup and shutdown characteristics improvement, equipment safety maintenance, energy saving and efficiency increasing

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