Dry-type Reactor
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1.Features of New Style Reactor:
Technology and manufacture technique has lead the industry, oil free, retardant and safety operation, no iron core and great inductance value linearity.

Small volume, light weight, low noise, low loss, convenient transportation, flexible installation and maintenance free, reduce users large amount of cost

Reliability: more than 20 years reliable operation

Reactor surface paint UV radiation silicon paint, with great weather resistance and service life is over 20 years; use small section and multiply leads coil up, effectively reduce eddy current loss of lead with harmonics, insulation strength is high, operation reliability is great..

Stability: advanced cooling technology guarantee equipment performance

Structure parameter has been optimized and heat dispersion is great, high temperature resistant to guarantee equipment long-term safety operation

Great coil winding integrity, high mechanical strength, high short time current impulse withstand capacity, steady dynamic heat and low running noise.

Reactor coils used glass-fiber polyester pull rods, as the axial thermal airway, with excellent heat dissipation.


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