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Pole-mounting compensator
Technical Features
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The largest SVC manufacturer in the world, technology world leading

Pole –mounting type SVC, an extension of strong technical strength

This product is widely use in 10kV-35Kv distribution power circuit, depends on automatic converter switching to achieve comprehensive control of line voltage and reactive power, effectively enhance power factor of line, reduce line losses, and improve voltage quality of power supply line.

This device apply to self-developed high-speed vacuum switch for the capacitor, placing high-speed switch and control power transformers in cabinets, placing automatic control box in a small box, installing high voltage shunt capacitor, drop-out fuse and arrester on a pole, it is compact structure and easy installation.

Upgrade humane and intelligent protections

The product depends on users’ requirements to setup parameter, and automatic estimate and analysis status, by seven different control modes-time/voltage/time voltage/reactive power/reactive voltage/current/power factor to realize automatic switching of high voltage shunt capacitor bank. Besides these, this product has forecast function before switching.

This device with prediction function can extremely optimize compensation effect, prevent blindness switching and improve switch service life significantly.

Otherwise, the product has perfect protection function, such as capacitor over current rapid disconnect, over current protection, over voltage protection, under voltage protection, capacitor delay protection, structure failure protection, lacunary protection, miss operation protection, operations times limit per day, line voltage harmonics enlarging protection and wire/wireless communicating function.

Ranges of Applications:

The product is excellent cost performance with advanced technologies, saving substantial cost.
This device apply in 10kV to 35kV distribution lines, used to improve power factor, reduce network losses and improve voltage quality of power supply line, it widely used in large loss line and low power factor enterprises such as industrial and mining enterprises, substation, the city-rural power lines and so on.

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