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Solve the problems of urban transportation lurking

Subway in recent years rapid develops, the strong and stable supply voltage is the premise of safe and efficient running. The sudden voltage drop will cause traction inverter startup failure, resulting the train outage, even a few minutes of outage is the huge impact to the city.

RXPE subway stored energy system fundamentally solves these problems and provide solid protection for the subway.

To capture and store the original wasted energy

The train deceleration and braking will produce large amounts of electricity, but the power can only be waste in the past, even more need the cooling equipments for cooling.

RXPE subway stored energy system can catch, reclaim and store energy producing by trains retarding braking, when trains reaccelerate or meet voltage drop cannot operate normally, the system will provide sufficient standby power to trains.

State-of-art technology innovative

RXPE’ is one of fewness enterprise which handle this international top-class level technology, also RXPE is the only pioneered one in China.

RXPE subway stored energy system can speedily provide energy support when power supply voltage drops, effectively reduce the threaten of voltage fluctuation to safety driving

According to statistics, install one set stored energy system each train can save 500,0000KWH per year, at the same time reduce CO2 emission 300 ton, performance on energy saving and emission reducing is remarkable.

Ranges of applications:

RXPE subway stored energy system can be widely applied in the field of rail transport such as subway, electrified railway, rail and maglev trains and so on, to provide large current for short-term support, effectively reduce the adverse effects of supply voltage fluctuations while processing dynamic energy recovery. The subway stored energy system pair with the converter can be widely used in the elevator, mine hoist and port cranes and other important occasions, have significant energy-saving effect. 储能系统能量流动示意图
Energy storage system energy flow diagram

  Energy storage system energy flow diagram 

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