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Key technical problems of security and stability of power system

In variety of power system accidents, short-circuit is the serious fault of power system stability operation, posing a serious threat to electrical equipments such as circuit breakers, transformers, transformer and substation bus, structures, conductors and supporting porcelain vase, has become a major technical problem of power system safety, restricting the power construction and further development.

The limitations of over-current protection devices

In the power system, circuit breaker is the main provider of over-current protection. But the breaking capacity is limited and without current limited functions. When the breaking current over 40kA and the breaking time over 60-200ms are not economic, so appearing two consequences: ① short-circuit current is larger than breaking capacity, circuit breaker can not be disconnected; ② the breaking time is too long, damaging electrical equipments.

International leading technology, marking a new milestone of over-current protection

RXPE fault current limiter series products, adopt global top philosophy, firstly break through of the protection technology of short circuit current, it is able to limit short circuit current under domestic breaker shut down level, also it can according users’ requirements to regulate, limit fault current under any lower value, thus make the function of limit short circuit current, protect electrical equipment. The product is not only in the international advanced level but also fill the domestic blank, pointing out the completely new direction on improving grid integral running control and ensure consumer power supply safety.

Widespread applications

FCL apply to 400V-500kV electric power system of different voltage level, it can be used to system interconnection, bus section, connection between users power supply and utility grid, shunt connection with reactor, in order to protect generator, transformer and other equipments.


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