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Low voltage solid-state transfer switch adopts to 380V dual-supply power line, when major power supply outage or other abnormal conditions happened, LVSSTS automatic switch key load to standby power supply, it is important measure to improve reliability of power supply and protect sense electrical equipment.

LVSSTS compare with DVR, UPS, have the virtue of not-required energy storage device, simple structure, low price, high efficiency and maintenance free, it is the perfect choice of industrial enterprise, vessel, Data Center and other important situation to improve reliability of power supply.

LVSSTS adopt thyristor to realize power supply switch, it is able to switch key load (power quality load, motor load and comprehensive load) to standby power supply in 5ms~3s, the switch speed is far greater than solenoid switch, meanwhile, according users’ different requirements to setup appropriate switch mode and switch time.

RXPE’s LVSSTS apply to quick switch between synchronous and asynchronous power supply with break-before-make or make-before-break mode, insure the switch time between major and standby power supply less than 1/4 period.


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