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Faster switching speed, more reliable power supply protection.

Power quality issues take serious consequences to the medium-sized industrial enterprises of petrochemical, metallurgy, semiconductor manufacturing, causing enormous economic losses. The traditional standby switch because limits of its physical structure and working methods, making the switching time between main power supply and standby power supply over seconds led to a long time power outage.

RXPE creates 10-35kV Medium Voltage Solid-state Transfer Switch in China, effectively solve traditional mechanical switch disadvantages, fully replace existing standby automatic switch equipments, markedly improve the switch speed between major and standby power supply, length service life of switch, guarantee key load are not affected, effectively reduce the great financial losses which the grid power quality issues brings to enterprise.

RXPE’s MVSSTS apply to quick switch between synchronous and asynchronous power supply with break-before-make or make-before-break mode, insure the switch time between major and standby power supply less than 1/4 period.

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