Principle of TCR Type SVC

Acording to the figure, SVC connecting to the system, capacitor provides fixed capacitive reactive power Qc, the current passing through the compensation reactor determines the size of inductive reactive power QTCR outputted by the compensation reactor. Inductance reactive power offset the capacitance reactive power. As long as the reactive power of the system Qn=Qv (required by the system)-Qc+ QTCR=constant (or 0), it can be realized that power factor of power grid is a constant. There is almost no voltage fluctuation, the key is to accurately control triggering angle of the thyristor to obtain the required current passing through the compensation reactor. The converter and control system of the thyristor can achieve this function, collecting current value and voltage value of reactive power of the bus to compose the value of reactive power. Compared with the set constant value of reactive power (may be 0), the magnitude of triggering angle is calculated, and the required current pass through the thyristor is got.
As for asymmetric loads, using theory of Steinmets to achieve phase regulation, eliminate negative sequence current, and balance three-phase of the power grid.



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