The installation quantity of RXPE SVC has exceeded 600 sets, which are widely used in metallurgy, electric railway, electricity, coal, nonferrous metals, and other industries, users are throughout China, they are also exported to Germany, Italy and other European countries, India, Turkey, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar and other Asian countries, Nigeria, Sudan and other African countries, as well as Brazil and other South American countries. And we have provided SVC subcontract services to Italian Danieli and other international engineering contractors. 

Power Quality Series – SVC – Applications - Metallurgy

◆1250 tons Hot rolling 10 kV SVC project of Qian’an Steel in Tangshan China ——The first LTT water cooling SVC in China
◆2050 Hot rolling 35 kV right bus bar SVC Reconstruction Project of Baosteel——The first LTT SVC with large capacity in China
◆1780 mm Hot Strip Mill SVC project of Beixi Beiying Steel
◆950 mm Hot rolling strip steel project of Turkey-rolling SVC
◆33KV SVC reconstruction project of Tianjin Steel Pipe
◆SVC project of Shagang Company
◆SVC project of Huaigang Company
◆SVC project of Vietnam Vanloi Co., Ltd.
◆UPV steel plant long steel products project of Brazil CSN Company
◆Wide and thick plate project, 35 KV dynamic reactive power compensation device SVC project of Wuyang Steel Company
◆Thailand Weichengfa Wire Rod Factory FC Project

Power Quality Series - SVC - Application- Electric railway

◆Baotou-Lanzhou line substation SVC project
◆SVC Project of Shenshuo Electric railway
◆Shanxi Yijing Substation

Power Quality Series - SVC - Application- power industry


◆Hainan electric power Yazitang substation——-The first TSC+TCR model SVC used for electric power system in China

Power Quality Series - SVC - Application- Coal Industry

◆110KV substation of Hainan Mining

Power Quality Series——SVC——Application——-Non-ferrous Metal Industry

◆The 80,000 tons/year High Titanium Slag Project of Yunnan Xinli Non-ferrous Metal Company 

Typical Projects