■ Cabinet structure, is used for real-time calculation of reactive power of the power grid, control magnitude of triggering angle of thyristor, thereby control the amount of compensation of reactive power.

A Full digital control system:

B Thyristor converter:

■ Frame structure.
■ Receive signal from the control system, change size of the triggering angle of thyristor, produce corresponding reactive power compensation current.

C. Compensation reactor:

■ Tubular dry type, double coils at top and bottom, natural cooling.
■ When the current passing through the thyristor flows through the compensation reactor, it generates the inductive reactive power required by the system, which is used to balance the reactive power of the system and maintain stability of bus voltage and power factor.

D High order harmonics filtering device:

■ Composing: reactor, power capacitor, resistor (used when there is a high-pass channel), these three components composes filtering channel, multiple filtering channels can be composed according to system requirements, which are used to filter out corresponding high order harmonics, respectively.
■ Structure: The reactor is tubular dry type, with double coils at top and bottom, natural cooling, Frame structure is used for power capacitor installation, natural cooling is used.
■ Function: The high order harmonics running through the system is eliminated, capacitive reactive power to the system is provided, the power factor is improved.
■ Connection: Each filtering channel is connected to the bus of the system through switch cabinet (can also be connected directly).


Typical Projects