◆ Operation mode settings
Closed loop operation mode and open loop operation mode

◆ Frequency settings
Computer settings and simulation settings

◆ Control method settings
Local control, host computer control, remote dialing control

◆ Display and records of operation data
■ Operation state and parameters of displayable frequency converter
■ Operation state and parameters of automatically recording frequency converter
■ Users and maintenance personnel can inquiry and print operation records

◆ Failure self-examination and alarm
Has functions of failure self-examination and inquiry, display failure and position alarmed, at the same time, switch off the part of failure, and inquiry records of the failure.

◆ Perfect protection function
Current limit protection, over-current protection, over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, unbalance protection, over-temperature protection, control system failure protection, abnormity of cooling fan protection, and so on.

◆ Bypass function
■ When a single frequency conversion power unit occurs failure, the system can automatically bypass the unit, the equipment can still operate normally.
■ When the system occurs a serious failure, the user can switch off the high-voltage frequency converter with the bypass switch, make the motor operate under working condition without frequency conversion.

◆ Operation in the four quadrant
MVC can also achieve turning clockwise, turning anticlockwise, traction, electric braking, and other functions to meet the speed requirements of loads required to operate in the four quadrant, such as hoist, traction, and so on.

◆ Function of “one drive multiple arrangement"
Due to the frequency converter adopts the high-high mode, the rated output voltage is equivalent to the voltage of the power supply grid and rated voltage of the motor, it is easy to realize the scheme that one frequency converter controls multiple motors.
■ ki(i=1,2 …n) close, ki ’(i ’=1,2…n) cutout, motor Mi can operation at power frequency.
■ ki cutout,ki ’close,Km close, motor Mi can operation at variable speed.
■ If both Ki, ki ’ adopt vacuum electric switch, the frequency converter can achieve functions of soft start and automatically scheduling start and stop of the motor based on demands.

Typical Projects