VFS applies to drive soft start and soft stop of blowers, pumps and compressors, and other high-voltage three-phase AC induction motors or synchronous motors, and some occasions requiring fixed frequency conversion speed regulation. Energy saving is achieved.



■ Pumps (such as water supply pump, sewage treatment pump, borehole pump, oil transport pump, etc.)
■ Fans and blowers
■ Extruders
■ Centrifuges
■ Mixers
■ Compressors (such as spiral type, plunger-type, centrifugal type and turbine type)
■ Refrigeration compressors
■ HVAC systems
■ Comminutors
■ Conveyors
■ Main power devices
■ Propellers
■ Anchor winches
■ Bilge sewage pumps


Typical Projects